Thanks for stopping by. I'm the face behind Duvera Media and I love helping others succeed - you can think of me as your personal BRAND AND WEBSITE STYLIST. As a serial entrepreneur, I started my first business at the age of 14 and my mission is to empower as many start ups as possible by providing affordable creative marketing services. Duvera Media was born out of the frustration of seeing amazing brand ideas not living up to their potential, due to a poorly executed brand strategy, image and a weak proposition.

I'm here to help you build a brand that's a force to reckon with, even if you're on a budget. Beside Duvera Media, I run other successful brands, reaching more than half a million people around the world. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, watching documentaries (yes, I'm a bit of a geek), writing thought-provoking pieces and challenging people to express and use their talents to add value to the world.

I have a reputation among my friends for being a good cook ;) and I love hosting small dinner parties. My brain juices flow best when I'm listening to classical music or piano arrangements.


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